The University Careers Service of Université Sorbonne Paris Nord

The University Careers Service of Université Sorbonne Paris Nord is generally responsible for providing career guidance and assistance with finding employment to the students of all of the university’s Faculties and Institutes.

The division was created in compliance with Decree no. 86-195 of February 1986. Since its inception, it has been engaged in activities to raise awareness among secondary school pupils and the university’s students and to provide them with careers guidance. It was already providing careers guidance prior to 2007.

It is thus very natural that it incorporated the Employment Assistance Office into its structure when the latter was created in order to meet the requirements of the addition to Law no. 2007-119 of August 2007 concerning the obligation upon universities to assist students to find employment.

At Université Sorbonne Paris Nord, the Employment Assistance Office functions as the head of a network intended to catalyze or initiate procedures to assist students to find employment.

Each year, the University Careers Service uses the recommendations of its Careers Guidance and Employment Committee to define the scope of its activities and actions.

In order to clarify the resources and expertise that it provides, the University Careers Service is organized into three branches.


Villetaneuse Campus

> Grand Hall > Phone – 01 49 40 40 11 >

Monday // 10am-3pm ¦ Wednesday // 10am-3pm ¦ Friday // 10am-3pm

Bobigny Campus

> IUT de Bobigny – Salle R18 > Phone – 01 48 38 88 38 >

Monday // 9:30am-12:30pm & 1pm-4:30pm ¦ Tuesday // 1:30pm-4:30pm ¦ Wednesday // 9:30am-12:30am – 1pm-4:30pm
Thurday // 9:30am-12:30pm & 1pm-4:30pm ¦ Friday // 9:30am-12:30pm & 1pm-2:30pm

  • scuioipSupOrientation

    Within the University Careers Service, the role of SupOrientation is to provide careers guidance to all the present and future students of the Faculties and Institutes of Université Sorbonne Paris Nord. SupOrientation is organized into two subdivisions.

    Information and Careers Guidance

    Advice, Information, Documentation, Careers Guidance

    It is a service that provides assistance, advice, and a library of resources. This division is tasked with the important responsibility of providing you with information and guidance and responding to your requests. It also provides you with a large library of resources and can help you with your research. Our councilors can guide you in choosing a career, switching courses, and with exemption requests.

    During the academic year, we participate in trade fairs, forums, and open days in order to raise awareness more generally among university students and secondary school pupils.

    LoracL: active careers guidance

    Active careers guidance in secondary schools

    LoracL (Early Careers Guidance) is a set of tools for the free use of secondary school pupils and university students who want to succeed in their studies. These tools include the following:

    Information resources

    • Awareness raising events in secondary schools (upon the request of the school)
    • Information about different careers and industries
    • Transition rates
    • Employment indicators for different courses of study

    Tools to evaluate a planned course of study

    • Evaluation
    • « Careers guidance requested » via the APB (post-Bac admissions) portal

    The university’s information tools

    • Presented in the form of action plans which can be found in the tool kit – tools for success

    Collection of videos « Choose your undergraduate degree »

    > View on YouTube

  • SupInsertion and the Employment Assistance Office of Université Sorbonne Paris Nord.

    Its role is to initiate and implement actions that help students to select a career and assist them to find a job.

    orientation2The role of SupInsertion

    To help students find employment

    SupInsertion functions as a mediator between the university and companies in order to initiate and implement actions that facilitate the employment of the university’s students.

    Working in close collaboration with representatives from the professional world, SupInsertion strives to give students specific help that suits their needs. It regularly organizes events throughout the whole year for this purpose.

    • Methodological workshops (CV, covering letter, preparing for interviews, etc.) In French, English, and Spanish.
    • Monthly event « Lunch with an HR manager »
    • Meetings with companies
    • Recruitment sessions
    • Organization of professional development modules
    • « My Plan in 120 seconds »
    • « From university to the business world: becoming a manager »

    Companies and employment

    Dedicated to corporate relations, the Employment Assistance Office coordinates activities such as the organization of meetings between professionals, students, and recent graduates.

    Are you a company and do you want to offer our students an internship, apprenticeship or employment?

    > You can submit your offer via our platform Réseau Pro or e-mail us.

    Do you want:

    • to become a partner of Université Sorbonne Paris Nord and help us with our careers activities?
    • to promote your brand as an employer?
    • to learn more about the activities of SupInsertion and the Employment Assistance Office?
    • to meet the staff of SupInsertion?

    You can e-mail us at: 

    Would you like to pay us your training tax in order to support our work?

    > All information and contacts on this page

    scuioip2Students and employment

    The Employment Assistance Office aims to help students make the most of their studies at university and any professional experience they have. It helps them to develop and use efficient communication skills so they succeed in entering the world of work.

    Are you a student at Université Sorbonne Paris Nord and do you want help with finding a job?

    We offer:

    • access to methodological tools
    • advice about the use of the Réseau Pro platform
    • participation in workshops about « job search techniques » (French, English, Spanish), « professional social networks », etc.
    • registration for the module « My project in 120 seconds » or the module « From university to the business world: becoming a manager »

  • scuioip4SupInformation provides users with reading material about training and education, choosing a career, and how to find a job. SupInformation manages various resources for this purpose:

    • Our virtual bookshelves hold our electronic documents.
    • The Tool Kit informs users about useful events (conferences, immersion day, the event Printemps à la fac, etc.).
    • The SupOrientation Letter is an informational letter used to promote the courses we offer and provide information about the various administrative procedures (registration, scholarships, accommodation, etc.) and student life (sports, exchange programs, disability services, etc.)
    Actus de Réseau Pro is our jobs portal. It can be used by all of our present and former students to assist them in their search for internships or jobs.