The international joint supervision of a dissertation enables PhD students to obtain their PhD on the basis of a single defense of their dissertation, both in France and in the country of the foreign partner university.

It is subject to the Decree of January 6, 2005, amended by the Decree of August 7, 2006, and is intended to:

• strengthen the international dimension of the doctoral schools.
• encourage mobility.
• develop scientific cooperation between French and foreign research teams.

In the case of the latter, a framework agreement is required: for more information, contact the European and International Relations Services.

The dissertation will be subject to a single defense examination, which will enable the student to obtain:

• either a joint degree
• or a degree issued simultaneously by the two institutions.

Joint supervision agreements must be obtained by the student’s research supervisor from the Office for Research and Doctoral Studies of Université Sorbonne Paris Nord.

President’s Building, ground floor
Telephone: + 33 1 49 40 30 17 // Fax: +33 1 49 40 38 44

  • Joint supervision requires the signing of an agreement between Université Sorbonne Paris Nord and a foreign university.

    Given the amount of time required to conclude a joint supervision agreement, the application for an agreement must be submitted several months before administrative registration. It must be finalized and signed in the first year of studies.

    This procedure must be initiated by the research supervisors who are proposing to be joint supervisors and who agree on the dissertation’s title and topic, the supervision procedures, and the conditions for defense and award of the degree.

    It aims in particular to organize the preparation and defense of the dissertation and the award of the degree on a joint basis.

    In the first year of his or her course, the student is registered with both universities because double registration with the two institutions is compulsory for the entire duration of the course but registration fees need only be paid to one of the two institutions (subject to the presentation of proof of payment of fees to one of the universities for the year concerned).
    This must be provided for in the joint supervision agreement.

  • The research supervisor must obtain two original application forms for a joint supervision agreement from the (Office for Research and Doctoral Studies) BRED.

    • After obtaining the signatures of the two research supervisors and the president of the partner university as well as the institution’s stamp and the signatures of the director of the research laboratory and the director of the doctoral school, the joint supervision agreement must be returned to the doctoral school for approval and the signature of the home university.

    • The application for PhD studies will be examined by the doctoral school.

    • After the application is accepted, the student can register with the university.

    • Please note that PhD students pursue their research within the framework of a PhD course and must confirm the course they are taking.

  • Joint supervision is provided for three years and can only be renewed for two years.

    An exemption can be granted depending on the progress the students has made with his or her work.

    An addition to the joint supervision agreement providing for an extension must be drafted and signed by all the parties. Requests for an addition must follow the same steps as the agreement. All extension requests must be clearly justified.

  • • An original of the joint supervision agreement for the Office for Research and Doctoral Studies (BRED)
    • An original for the partner university
    • A copy for the research supervisor
    • A copy for the doctoral school
    • A copy for the laboratory director
    • A copy for the student

  • The PhD student must comply with the rules of the doctoral school. In particular, it must be confirmed that the PhD course, regardless of its status, fulfills the required ECTS for PhD courses. The content of PhD courses and the confirmation procedures are described in detail in the information pack and on the website. Research supervisors should inform their PhD students of this and suggest courses that would be appropriate for their research topic.

    All non-francophone students registered with one of the university’s doctoral schools who do not have adequate mastery of French must take a suitable course proposed by the languages service.