Calls for proposals for applications for funding a scientific event (colloquia and conferences)



In accordance with the rules set by the Research Committee of April 8, 2008, the procedure will take place throughout the year because the the call for proposals is permanently open. The application form will be revised so that applications clearly specify the information required in accordance with the selection criteria below. The old form should be used until this revision has been completed. Applications must be sent to the Office for Research and Doctoral Studies by the Faculties and Institutes in either electronic or paper form no later than two months prior to the date of the event. The Faculties and Institutes must control the quality of the applications they submit and ensure they comply with the requirements of the call for proposals and indicate an evaluation (very much in favor or in favor).

Selection criteria

Applications will not be processed unless at least one member of the organization committee and at least one of the speakers at the colloquium or conference belong to a recognized laboratory of the university. The applicant must ensure that Université Sorbonne Paris Nord is mentioned in all the official documents (announcements, posters, program, certificates, etc.). Finally, the laboratory concerned must also promise to contribute financially and/or logistically to the organization of the event. This must be attested by a letter from the director. When strict compliance with these two criteria and these two commitments is confirmed by the office of the Research Committee, a provisional decision will be made regarding funding.

Amount of funding

This will be determined by the other criteria below.

• Whether the colloquium or conference will be held on one of the campuses of Université Sorbonne Paris Nord or not
• Whether Université Sorbonne Paris Nord will be the main organizer or not
• Whether the colloquium or conference is international, national or local
• Whether the budget is balanced or not (has joint funding been obtained or requested, involvement of institutional partners, etc.)
• Number of potential participants from Université Sorbonne Paris Nord, whether as speakers or simple participants
• Total number of participants expected

The subsidy granted can range from €1,000 to €2,000 (depending on the size of the colloquium or conference) for events organized outside of Université Sorbonne Paris Nord or if the main organizer is not from Université Sorbonne Paris Nord, and from €1,000 to €4,000 for colloquia or conferences to be held at one of the campuses of Université Sorbonne Paris Nord or for which Université Sorbonne Paris Nord is the main organizer.

Decisions on applications

These will be made by a member of the office of the Research Committee who is responsible for this task. The office will issue an offer of funding or a rejection or a request for additional information or revisions. The Research Committee will be kept informed about the outcome that has been decided for applications by the office and it will be consulted if an application poses specific problems.

Payment and justification

The payment of the funding will be made directly to the laboratory if it so wishes. In this case, justification, in the form of a brief scientific and financial statement, must be submitted no later than two months after the colloquium or conference. In the event that the event is canceled, or in the absence of justification, the funding must be returned.